Well we celebrated Codi’s 13th Birthday in August!! She had a ball. A couple of her friends stayed the night. She of course is out of the whole theme thing.. So the Dora the Explorer what absolutely out of the question.. ha-ha just kidding.. Well we have done the luau thing for a couple of years so she came up with Strawberry Theme. I thought quite cute. So we went with that..

Of course not a lot of stuff to show off the theme but we will have to make due.. And we did.. everything was red… We did have Strawberry Short Cakes.. There were cup cakes too. Aunt Carla made the cakes and cup cakes.  Grandma Thomas made the Strawberries. Talk about yummy..

Well I didn’t make the ice cream or the whipped topping.. I store-bought it.. 🙂 There was strawberry ice cream, strawberries candy, fresh strawberries with chocolate, red wrapped chocolate balls, strawberry whoppers, twizzlers, and red colored sixlets, hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of other food..  All quite delicious.

Well Codi is becoming quite a Young Lady..  She is grown so much..  We laughed and really have a great time.  I think she liked all of it.  We did to..  We love  you beautiful and I hope you enjoyed your 13th Birthday as much as we think you did..

PS…  This was suppose to have been posted like two days after her party..  Oops.

God bless you and until next time,