So many times we ask “WHY GOD”? Well we may not know “Why” at that time, in the next few days, months, better yet we may never know in this live time. However our Amazing God knows, for that I am grateful.

I will start with what just happened just over a month ago. September 27th 2011 hurricane Irene blessed us with her presence. You say “Blessed”? Yes she blessed us in more ways than one.. I also say “She” only because of the name. However it was our God that blessed us. Irene came through and made her mark on the East Coast. God was in control the entire time. With us personally, she left a really big (should I say gigantic) oak tree on top of our house. You say how could that be a blessing. Well you see blessing come from things (trials) we experience. God made sure that the tree was placed right where he wanted it. It was stretched from the tip of the right side of the house all the way across the back of the house. We could see the top of the tree out of our bedroom window (which is on the opposite side of the house). We had our house up for sale when this happened. So you ask how all of this could be a blessing?

First God protected us number one blessing of all. This tree could have come all the way through the house but God saw fit that the tree would stop on another tree, our house (the top) and our deck.

So our other blessings were, we got a new roof, new siding, a new deck (to siding and deck to be done) and some other small things. These things we would never have had them done ourselves.

Also the several homes that will have wood to burn to keep warm this winter.

I used this to let the kids know, I had been praying for God to protect us (and others in Irene’s path) from the wrath of this storm. To remind them God answers prayer.

I am grateful for our blessings through this. So we remember God’s word tells us this in Romans 8:28 :
“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Until next time.. God bless you,