Well I use CET4ME for like everything..

Art by: Codi Eliana Thomas

It all came about when I met my husband..  He and his sibling had these initials.  So guess what?  Yes we would carry that tradition on in our family as well.  Well our daughter was the first in “Our CET” family..  So finding a name was a little easier because I was limited on the alphabet..  So out of all the names I threw my husbands way..  Codi Eliana was it..  Beautiful name for a beautiful girl..

Codi Eliana Thomas

Ok, then long came our lil man..  of course his was easy..  He had a name before he was even a twinkle in any ones eye..  but we did have to come up with a nickname..  I wanted CJ short for Casey Jr..    We “really” should have named him “Casey Jr” he is his daddy inside and out!!!!

So we came up with Chase, daddy did..

So Charles Edward Thomas III “Chase”

So there you have it All about CET4ME

Art by: Codi Eliana Thomas

Until next time….  Mary