Finally got my 3 mile walk in today..

Its been months since I have taken this 3 mile walk down the Canal by the James here at Brown’s Island.  Avoided it long enough..  So I took off and took some pictures with my phone no doubt.  So here is what I took..

Several parked.
As I was walking one came up behind me so I had to take a picture..

After I got out from under where the train was headed I have to take a picture of the freight train..

The Trolley Boat got ahead of me so I actually jogged on this walk too.. Many know I can’t really run. 🙂

Well here were just a few other pictures of the Railroad..

I enjoyed my walk today.. I hope you enjoyed this post..

God bless you and until next time,




Socks Chase’s bunny

Ok Codi when she graduated to middle school we got her a bunny..  So Chase said he wanted one when he graduated.. so socks came home with us but only for a few weeks .  One morning on my way out the door, I was doing my rounds of hugs and kisses with the kids and pets of both bunnies.   Only to turn to Chase’s room to find Socks not alive.   It was heart breaking..  my baby boy finally gets his very own pet and he didn’t make it but three weeks.   We were said but very glad we had  a little bit of tine with Sock which by the way was a very friendly bunny..  We miss you Socks.

Chase did get a new bunny..  He named this one Spots..  Will post later with an update and post for him.. 

Until later God bless you…  Mary

Well Winter finally came but only for a day!!!

Well it all started like this…

So yes started out pretty slow.

View from my bedroom window…

Chase, yeah what ever..
<imgimagees picking up…

Now the kids want to open the door an play.. Really guys just a tad bit chilly..

Ok now for just plan cute or should I say beautiful and handsome pics…

Yes she loves her brother. 🙂

Now for the full snow.. the next day!!!

Codi’s 13th Strawberry Birthday Bash!!!

Well we celebrated Codi’s 13th Birthday in August!! She had a ball. A couple of her friends stayed the night. She of course is out of the whole theme thing.. So the Dora the Explorer what absolutely out of the question.. ha-ha just kidding.. Well we have done the luau thing for a couple of years so she came up with Strawberry Theme. I thought quite cute. So we went with that..

Of course not a lot of stuff to show off the theme but we will have to make due.. And we did.. everything was red… We did have Strawberry Short Cakes.. There were cup cakes too. Aunt Carla made the cakes and cup cakes.  Grandma Thomas made the Strawberries. Talk about yummy..

Well I didn’t make the ice cream or the whipped topping.. I store-bought it.. 🙂 There was strawberry ice cream, strawberries candy, fresh strawberries with chocolate, red wrapped chocolate balls, strawberry whoppers, twizzlers, and red colored sixlets, hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of other food..  All quite delicious.

Well Codi is becoming quite a Young Lady..  She is grown so much..  We laughed and really have a great time.  I think she liked all of it.  We did to..  We love  you beautiful and I hope you enjoyed your 13th Birthday as much as we think you did..

PS…  This was suppose to have been posted like two days after her party..  Oops.

God bless you and until next time,


Happy 1st Birthday, Cortland



One year ago today we were blessed with a great lil guy..  no not mine but my lil nephew.  Mummy (my baby sis) had a bit of trouble but never the less she delivered a very big baby boy.  He has been a joy to watch grow this last year and today he turn the Big 1..  Cortland Schools Dyson son to Jason and Hollie Dyson,  thank you for sharing such a sweet lil guy with us.  Love you guys bunches…  and I can’t wait to spend tomorrow celebrating with you.. 

Happy 1st Birthday, lil nugget..

Love you,
Auntie Kathy

Until next time <3… Mary




So many times we ask “WHY GOD”? Well we may not know “Why” at that time, in the next few days, months, better yet we may never know in this live time. However our Amazing God knows, for that I am grateful.

I will start with what just happened just over a month ago. September 27th 2011 hurricane Irene blessed us with her presence. You say “Blessed”? Yes she blessed us in more ways than one.. I also say “She” only because of the name. However it was our God that blessed us. Irene came through and made her mark on the East Coast. God was in control the entire time. With us personally, she left a really big (should I say gigantic) oak tree on top of our house. You say how could that be a blessing. Well you see blessing come from things (trials) we experience. God made sure that the tree was placed right where he wanted it. It was stretched from the tip of the right side of the house all the way across the back of the house. We could see the top of the tree out of our bedroom window (which is on the opposite side of the house). We had our house up for sale when this happened. So you ask how all of this could be a blessing?

First God protected us number one blessing of all. This tree could have come all the way through the house but God saw fit that the tree would stop on another tree, our house (the top) and our deck.

So our other blessings were, we got a new roof, new siding, a new deck (to siding and deck to be done) and some other small things. These things we would never have had them done ourselves.

Also the several homes that will have wood to burn to keep warm this winter.

I used this to let the kids know, I had been praying for God to protect us (and others in Irene’s path) from the wrath of this storm. To remind them God answers prayer.

I am grateful for our blessings through this. So we remember God’s word tells us this in Romans 8:28 :
“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Until next time.. God bless you,

Huricane Irene part 2


I am so thankful for Gods grace and protection. We had a really big tree fall on the house during Irene.  Between our deck and another tree it saved us and our house from more damage.  I say.. God place that tree in that direction protecting us.  Yes we have about 15k worth of damage but My GOD is Awesome.  I have attached a few pictures..




Until next time <3,  Mary